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Immortal Romance Pokies Review

Vampires are the name of the game in Immortal Romance, with four attractive young (or maybe not so young?) vampires named Amber, Michael, Troy and Sarah taking centre stage.

Even if vampires aren't your thing, we're willing to bet that the 3,000,000+ coins jackpot sounds pretty good to you. Plus, there are some other features that have cemented Immortal Romance as a favourite for many Australian players.


While Immortal Romance has no official license and doesn't directly reference the movie/book series, it seems pretty obvious to us that the game is loosely based on Twilight. Even the gentle piano music is reminiscent of the film's score.

However, there's also a bit of a rock and roll edge, with guitar trills kicking in when players win and an Evanescence style song (that's actually dangerously catchy) that plays over the Chamber of Spins bonus round.

The graphics are crisp and clear, with enough movement and animation to draw the eye without it being distracting or cluttered. All in all, we think that the Gothic mansion vibe lends itself very well to pokies and this game looks fantastic.


The game plays like most other Microgaming 5-reel slots titles, but has a nice element of choice when you trigger the bonus round – you can choose from a range of extra features including a 5x multiplier, rolling reels and extra wilds.

Players can choose between 10 and 25 free spins, with the best features having fewer free spins associated with them. If you enjoy the excitement of free games you'll probably want to choose the maximum number of spins but, if you prefer to go all in, you'll probably want 10 spins with a 5x multiplier.

It's thanks to the game's 243 ways to win that it's technically possible to win almost 3,500,000 coins should all the reels turn wild during the Wild Desire bonus round that triggers randomly. Otherwise, you're looking for 5 golden lions to secure a jackpot of 60,000 coins.

The game's coin size is pretty low (with only 0.01 and 0.02 available), so this probably isn't a game for high rollers, but there's still the feeling that you could still win big at any moment.

Added Value

Players will enjoy plenty of wins when playing Immortal Romance but it's only during the bonus rounds (Chamber of Spins and Wild Desire) that you'll start to see big returns.

Wild Desire, which doesn't require any extra bets, is a really great feature that saw us winning a few hundred coins on our second spin! If we were playing in a land-based venue, we might have cashed out there and then to go and buy a round of cocktails!

The element of choice that the game presents when you enter the Chamber of Spins is one that more games are starting to offer, and it's one that we really like. It's possible to secure a big win whichever character you choose, but you feel a bit more like the power is in your hands.


Whether or not you have any interest in vampires, or romance for that matter, might end up being immaterial when it comes to this Twilight-style slot. We say that because the game has a huge 3.5 million coin jackpot, and most players would probably put up with just about any theme under the sun to get their hands on that. With a multiplier of up to 5x available in the round of free spins, this slot actually has one of the more generous bonus features around too. You'll need a bit of luck on your side to get the most out of Immortal Romance, but this is definitely a game that's worth trying.