How To Win At Double Attack Blackjack Online

Double Attack Blackjack Online

Double Attack Blackjack is a great real-money casino variant which is available at many top gaming sites.

Australian players can gamble on their own hand but also bag real cash in a range of side bets. It's fast and furious, and can be played at stakes to suit your wallet.

At, we find the best Australian Double Attack Online Blackjack websites in 2024. By enjoying some excellent variants for real money you can access top bonuses right away. Log in, or download the software, and see for yourself.

  • Discover how to play Double Attack Blackjack online
  • Find out how it differs to other popular casino variants
  • Learn how to find the best AU welcome bonuses in 2024
A 'Bust It' side bet exists where the player wins if the dealer busts holding three cards

A Guide To Playing At A Double Attack Blackjack Online Casino

Double Attack Blackjack is an interesting variant on classic blackjack games. It is generally found at big Internet gaming sites and features some fun side bets.

In a game of online casino Double Attack Blackjack, the tens in the decks have been removed before play. As in classic Blackjack, players are dealt two cards and must keep receiving cards ("hit") in order to reach a total of 21. The dealer also receives two cards and will win if he beats the player's total.

Aces count as 1 or 11, as in normal blackjack, and insurance is offered if the dealer shows an ace at the start of the hand.

Double Attack And Classic Blackjack: Understanding The Differences

The major difference in Double Attack Blackjack online casino games is the unique side bets. A "Bust It" side bet exists where the player wins if the dealer busts holding three cards (and only three cards).

The player gets paid out according to what the dealer is holding when they bust:

  • 3/1: Dealer holds a face card
  • 6/1: Dealer holds a nine
  • 8/1: Dealer holds an eight
  • 10/1: Dealer holds a seven
  • 15/1: Dealer holds a six

There are other bonus payouts for players too. If the dealer shows 8-8-8 of the same colour (red or black) the player gets 50/1. If the dealer has 8-8-8 of the same suit, the player gets paid out 200/1.

So, what's the Double Attack all about? Well, at a Double Attack Blackjack online casino, players get to place an extra bet on beating the dealer. This is placed when players have seen the dealer's face-up card. They won't even see their cards first.

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Discover The Best Blackjack Online Bonuses In 2024

Winning at online casino Double Attack Blackjack can be simple. All players need is a solid bankroll and a simple strategy. Avoid Insurance bets, even though you get paid out 5/2 if the dealer hits blackjack. And don't focus on hitting a blackjack, which only pays out even money.

Instead, focus your attention on the dealer busting. The Double Attack bet can be utilised to take some AU real cash if the dealer busts.

At, our Australian experts find the very best Double Attack Blackjack online casino websites. All of our sites have plenty of great games for download or instant-play. You may even find a bonus where blackjack is eligible. Hit or stand and get some free cash now.


What Is Double Attack Blackjack?

Double Attack Blackjack is a cool online variant of European Blackjack that features decks with the tens removed. It makes for more exciting hands and bigger payouts on blackjacks.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

Double Attack players place bets in the normal way by shifting chips to the Bet spot. They can also place a side bet called 'Bust It' which pays out if the dealer busts with particular cards. However, with an 8-percent house edge, it's unadvisable.

Is The Variant Popular With Online Gamers?

Double Attack Blackjack online is a great version for players who like things a little different. The side bets make things very interesting, while the 'double attack' element makes beating the dealer all the more sweet.

What Makes It Different To Other Gambling Variants?

The biggest difference with Double Attack is that the 10s have been removed. This makes hitting a blackjack less likely but also makes the payouts on a natural blackjack bigger. The side bets are also unique in online blackjack variants.

Are The Odds And Payouts For The Game Good?

The first thing to note is the payout for a blackjack, even-money. That's way below the 3/2 you get in a normal version of blackjack. However, it's the Double Attack and Bust It elements that are so interesting. If you bet the Bust It and the dealer busts with a suited 8-8-8, you win 200/1. That's a huge payout for blackjack but unlikely to happen too often.

Are There Systems For Double Attack Blackjack?

As in classic online Blackjack, it's key to time your double-down bets. With the 10s removed, it's important to make the most of a 10 or 11 total. Remember that the dealer peeks at the start of the round to see if he has blackjack. If not, and he shows an 8, 7 or 6, it could be time to launch your Double Attack. The dealer stands on soft 17 too, so if he has 17 and you have a chance of making 18 or over, put that money in.

Which Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

Most major Australian real-money casinos have one or two variants of blackjack online. Online casino Double Attack Blackjack isn't available everywhere so you'll have to do your homework. Even better, let us find a Double Attack Blackjack casino online. We have the very best selection anywhere on the net.