Guide To Online Casino Double Exposure Blackjack In Australia

Online Casino Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is a great real-money casino game with some neat added twists.

In casino Double Exposure Blackjack, players get to see both the dealer's cards, not just the one up-card. The house edge ends up being greater, but seeing two cards gives the player a massive advantage.

Australian blackjack gamblers can enjoy real-cash online blackjack at any of our recommended sites. All of our expert picks allow AUD deposits with Aussie favourites like POLi and VISA. And you can access a great welcome bonus when you open an account in 2024.

  • Discover the rules of online casino Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Find some basic strategy tips for real-money players
  • Learn how to earn a generous welcome bonus when you set up an account
In casino Double Exposure Blackjack, players get to see both the dealer's cards, not just the one up-card

How Double Exposure Blackjack Works Online

Played with six to eight decks, Double Exposure Blackjack can be found at many internet gambling casinos.

Bets are made as in conventional online blackjack: players drag chips to the betting spots and hit the 'Deal' button. The randomly-shuffled cards are dealt to the player and dealer, with the dealer's cards face up.

Players then Hit (take cards) or Stand (take no more cards) and try to hit 21 or beat the dealer's total. If the dealer or player goes over 21 they lose the hand. However, the bonus here is that players get to see both the dealer's cards.

Understanding The Differences Between Double Exposure And Classic Blackjack

In classic Blackjack online, a tie between the player and dealer results in a "push" (the player's stake is returned). However, in Double Exposure Blackjack, online casino websites will let the dealer win.

Similarly, a blackjack pays out even-money (1/1) rather than the 3/2 of a classic blackjack game. Splitting cards is allowed, but Australian gamblers can only split cards once. Doubling down is also permitted, but only if the player's starting hand totals 9, 10 or 11.

Learning Basic Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy

If you can find a good casino online, Double Blackjack Exposure is a top game with lots of real-money action.

But don't get out your AUD bankroll before understanding some basic moves. Remember those ties: the dealer will win any hand that is tied (with NO pushes). If the dealer shows 19 or 20, you really need to keep hitting in order to make 20 or 21. It's better to gamble and lose than play safe, tie, and lose the hand.

This is even more important when you consider a blackjack only pays 1/1. There's no incentive to make a blackjack in this game.

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What Is Double Exposure Blackjack?

Double Exposure Blackjack is a great internet gambling variant that allows players to see both the dealer's cards at the start.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

The blackjack betting layout is similar to classic Blackjack. Players drag chips onto the Ante spot to start a game. Cards are then dealt out in front of the player. There will also be buttons enabling the player to double down or split the cards.

Is It Popular With Online Gamers?

Double Exposure blackjack online is a fun variant but still lags behind other variants in popularity. Australian gambling fans generally prefer classic Blackjack variants with 3/2 for a natural blackjack.

What Makes It Different?

The main difference in Double Exposure is the ability to see both the dealer's cards. This gives the player a distinct advantage during a game.

Are The Odds For The Game Good?

The house edge is higher than classic blackjack but players can make decisions more easily. The payouts for a blackjack are also lower in online casino Double Exposure Blackjack. Winners will get paid 1/1, and any tie goes in the dealer's favour.

Are There Systems For Double Exposure Blackjack?

The best strategy for Australian real-money online blackjack players is to hit if you have 16 or 17. Because ties go in the dealer's favour, there's no point standing on 20 or trying to tie with the dealer. Always hit for the chance of being dealt small cards.

Which Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

NetEnt are the main developer behind Double Exposure Blackjack. Online casino sites with NetEnt pokies and table games are a good place to head for, therefore. There are plenty of Internet casinos that allow Australian gamblers to bet on their sites. Follow our great reviews and pick out a casino that is right for you.