Online Casino Spanish 21 Blackjack: A Top Guide For AU Players

Online Casino Spanish 21 Blackjack Guide

Spanish 21 Blackjack is a great online blackjack variant that features six decks with the 10s taken out. It makes hitting a blackjack harder, but there are some cool splitting rules that apply.

Australian real-money online blackjack players can double down and split on aces, and win some serious cash. Even if you're a low-stakes gambler, you can enjoy plenty of action at a good Internet casino.

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  • Discover how to play Spanish 21 online
  • Find out some great bets and strategy for Australian players
  • Learn how to make the most of online welcome bonuses
Players can split their cards and are allowed to re-split up to three times. Even aces can be split in Spanish 21

How To Play Online Casino Spanish 21 Blackjack

At the start of a game of Spanish 21, blackjack online casino players get dealt two cards. 6 to 8 decks are used at the start, and the 10s are stripped from the decks.

Players can split their cards and are allowed to re-split up to three times. Even aces can be split in Spanish 21.

Players continue to 'hit' (receive extra cards) or 'stand' (receive no more cards). If they hit 21, or get as close to 21 as they can, and beat the dealer's total the player wins. A natural blackjack wins straight away, and even matching a dealer's blackjack goes in favour of the player.

Learning The Best Spanish 21 Blackjack Betting

Australian blackjack players should note the special payouts for hitting certain hands. It's worth trying to make a 5 or 6-card hand, as the bonus payouts can be big.

A 5-card winning hand pays 3/2, a 6-card hand gets players 2/1, and a 7-card hand wins 3/1 your money. If you make a 21 with three sevens you win 3/2. If you make 21 with three sevens when the dealer has the other seven you win 50/1.

With no 10s, and 5-card hands earning a bigger bonus payout, it's important to focus on 2s and 3s. Keep hold of your twos and keep hitting. Remember too that the dealer always hits on a soft 17. That can easily send the dealer over 21, so pay attention to the cards at all times.

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What Is Spanish 21 Blackjack?

Online casino Spanish 21 blackjack is a nice Internet betting variant that features decks stripped of 10s. Players can double down and take insurance in the same way to classic Blackjack.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

Insurance can be taken (if the dealer hits blackjack) and pays out 2/1. Dealers also have to hit on a soft 17 (a 17 made with an ace). The player's blackjack always beats the dealer's blackjack in the case of a tie.

Is It Popular With Online Gamers?

It's a great game for blackjack players who want something a little different. It's also the ideal game for Australian gamblers who are looking for a game they won't find in a Melbourne or Sydney casino.

What Makes It Different?

The absence of 10s is the biggest difference between online casino Spanish 21 blackjack and conventional European games. The dealer hitting on soft 17 is also a difference with many online variations.

Are The Odds For The Game Good?

The payouts can be good for hitting certain hands, but the odds aren't necessarily the best for players. 3/2 for hitting a 5-card hand is OK but still tricky to achieve.

Are There Systems For Spanish 21 Blackjack?

The biggest strategy is to chase the smaller cards like 2s and 3s and make a 5-card or 6-card 21. It's also important to follow the dealer's cards. Don't take insurance (the payouts aren't good enough) but look for bare aces as the dealer will HAVE to hit on a soft 17.

Which Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

At a casino online, Spanish 21 blackjack is one of the slickest Internet variants around. You can find the game at many real-cash online casinos in 2024. And if you are Australian, you'll be able to deposit in AUD and find a good bonus to match your budget.