Blackjack Switch Online Casino Games: Australian 2024 Guide

Blackjack Switch Online Casino

If you like playing multiple blackjack hands at an online casino, Blackjack Switch is for you. Blackjack Switch s a fun real-money variant that lets Australian gamblers play two hands at once.

The main difference is that players can SWAP cards between their two blackjack hands to help form better hands.

Blackjack Switch is a version of the casino favourite that you will only find online. Aussie casino players can even use their gambling to access a great real-cash welcome bonus.

  • Learn how to play at a Blackjack Switch online casino
  • Find some basic strategy tips and advice
  • Earn a great welcome bonus worth hundreds of dollars
If a player gets three-of-a-kind during a game, they win 5/1. Therefore, it's important to be conservative about splitting pairs unless it's necessary.

Gambling On Blackjack Switch: Australian Casino Guide

After a first bet, or ante, is paid, players get dealt two blackjack hands. The dealer still gets just one, with one card face-down and one face-up.

Now here comes the bonzer part: AU players have the option to swap two of their cards over to make new blackjack hands. As in classic blackjack, the dealer or player busts if they go over 21.

There are some extra, special, rules in Blackjack Switch to note:

  • If the dealer hits a 21, the bet pushes.
  • Dealer's MUST hit on a soft 17 (a 17 made up with an ace)
  • Players can split, but if they split aces and hit a 10 they don't make a natural blackjack.
  • Players can still double-down on split hands.
  • Players can take out Insurance against the dealer hitting blackjack.

Understanding Basic Online Casino Blackjack Switch Strategy

The beauty of online casino Blackjack Switch is the added side bets. Players must get a grasp of those to profit long-term.

If a player hits a pair before the deal, they win an even-money payout. If a player gets three-of-a-kind during a game, they win 5/1. Therefore, it's important to be conservative about splitting pairs unless it's necessary.

If the player gets two pairs across their two hands, they win an 8/1 payout. Finally, if you hit quads (four-of-a-kind) over your two hands, you will bag 40/1 on your stake.

A good tip is to also aim for a 21 on either hand. You won't make a blackjack payout (3/2) as they just count as 21. However, they will always push (be refunded for the next hand) if the dealer also has 21. And avoid splitting those pairs. 5/1 for a three-of-a-kind is too good to turn down.

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AU Blackjack Switch Casino Sites FAQs:

What Is Blackjack Switch?

In Blackjack Switch, online casino players get to swap two cards between their two blackjack hands.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

At a casino online, Blackjack Switch tables look a little like classic layouts. There are areas to place bets, split and double down. Swapping cards is simply done by selecting the cards you want to swap.

Is It Popular With Online Gamers?

Blackjack Switch still lags a little behind other variants in terms of popularity. Many Australian gamblers know classic blackjack from land-based casinos in Sydney and Melbourne.

What Makes It Different?

The ability to switch cards make online casino Blackjack Switch so appealing. The bonus payouts on hitting four-of-a-kind or two pairs also add to the excitement.

Are The Odds For The Game Good?

Yes. In fact, the special payouts adds a unique edge to this online blackjack variant.

Are There Systems For Blackjack Switch?

The best strategy in online casino Blackjack Switch is to pay attention to pairs. Although there are bonus payouts for hitting two pairs or four-of-a-kind, a 21 can result in a push. It can be a good idea to switch aces and 10s to help form '21s'.

Which Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

The game is powered by Playtech. Therefore, to play Blackjack Switch, online casino sites with Playtech software should be looked for.