A 2024 Guide To Online Casino Pontoon Blackjack

Online Casino Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon Blackjack is a fun old-school variant on classic Blackjack. Many Aussies probably grew up playing the game for coins as kids. It's easy to play and features some unique bets. Best of all, you'll find cheap games at most casinos in 2024.

If you're a real-money online blackjack gambler, you can enjoy the best pontoon blackjack action right now. You can even put your budget to good use and bag some bucks with a top bonus. Sign up with one of our great blackjack sites today and give your bankroll a welcome push.

  • Learn how to play Pontoon Blackjack online
  • Discover the unique rules, bets and odds
  • Learn how to earn a top AU welcome bonus
After two initial cards, players continue to twist until they reach 21, or nearest to. Players have to twist if their cards total less than 15

Online Casino Pontoon Blackjack: A Basic Introduction

If you've played European Blackjack, you'll get the basics of Pontoon. At a casino online, Pontoon Blackjack works in a similar way: players get dealt two cards and must beat the dealer's total.

Instead of pressing 'Hit' (to receive another card), players 'twist'. Instead of hitting 'Stand' to receive no more cards, players hit 'Stick'. There is no push in the case of a tied hand, with dealers winning all ties.

The game is played with six decks, and shuffling is governed by trustworthy online RNGs (Random Number Generators). After two initial cards, players continue to twist until they reach 21, or nearest to. Players have to twist if their cards total less than 15.

Understanding Differences With Classic Blackjack

In classic blackjack, players get 3/2 their money if they hit a natural blackjack (an ace and a picture card, totalling 21). In Pontoon, a blackjack is paid out 2/1.

There are certain other differences in online casino Pontoon Blackjack. The dealer's two cards are hidden (one is visible in European Blackjack), and the Dealer wins all tied hands.

Players, meanwhile, get a 2/1 added bonus if they make a 5-card trick (21 formed of five cards). This gives players a bigger incentive to make five cards. Players can also double down (or 'buy' in Pontoon) on ANY total they have.

In Pontoon Blackjack online casino games, dealers twist on 16, and will also twist on a soft 17 (a 17 containing an ace). However, the dealer sticks on a hard 17.

A Guide To Australian Pontoon Bets Online

Because the dealer's cards are hidden, it makes it harder for Pontoon Blackjack online casino players to form a strategy.

But because the dealer has to stand on a hard 17, a double-down (buy) is advisable on totals of 8, 9, 10, or 11. Remember, there are six decks in Pontoon, so there are many more 10-value cards out there to hit.

Because of the 2/1 5-card trick bonus, hitting low cards is excellent. Receiving a hand like 3-2 from the outset puts you in a decent position to go all the way.

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What Is Online Pontoon Blackjack?

For a great experience at a casino online, Pontoon Blackjack is a fun and frantic variant for all stakes. It works a little like European Blackjack in that players and the dealer get two cards. Both sides must hit 21 to win.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

The bet terms in Pontoon are slightly different to usual online blackjack. In Pontoon, Hit is known as 'Twist', 'Stand' is called 'Stick', and double down is called 'Buy'. Players can 'buy' a card regardless of their card total. To place bets, players just drag the chips to the spots they want to bet on. They hit 'Deal' to receive their two cards.

Is This Blackjack Version Popular With Online Gamers?

Pontoon is an old-school variant that is largely unknown inside Australian land-based casinos. But the beauty of online casino sites is that there are lots of fascinating real-money alternatives like Pontoon.

What Makes It So Different?

The biggest difference is that the dealer's cards are hidden. Players must make decisions based only on their own cards. There is also a bonus payout for hitting a 5-card trick (a 'Charlie').

Are The Odds For The Game Good?

The downside to Pontoon Blackjack is that a blackjack only gets paid 2/1. This is a lot lower than the 3/2 on a natural blackjack in European formats of the game.

Are There Systems For Pontoon Blackjack?

Doubling down, or 'Buying', is a good option as you can do it on any total. This gives players the chance to buy on a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11. The problem is in not knowing what the dealer is holding at the start. The best option is to aim for low cards to get a 5-card Charlie.

Which Real-Money AU Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

At Casino.com.au, we have reviews of the best Pontoon Blackjack online casino rooms. You can play for free to test the rules, then make a deposit and go for big prizes. With our picks you can even find a great casino bonus to get you started. The more you play, the more player points you'll bag. And by collecting enough points you can change your credits for big AU money.