Club Rocky’s Review

Club Rockys

Club Rocky’s, which is located in Rockdale and one of Australia’s oldest clubs, holds various functions and gives members the chance to win cash in various ways. Although one may gamble at Club Rocky’s, it does not have a casino.

In order to participate in the various events and activities, one must join Club Rocky’s, which offers two types of memberships. Pricing of memberships is $5.50 for one year or $15.00 for three years. When one joins the club, which was originally chartered in 1920, one then has access dining, discounts, gaming, and events.

Gaming and Draws

Club Rocky’s Facts
  • Low membership fees
  • Weekly prize draws
  • Luck 7’s draw worth thousands
  • Daily bingo
  • Weekly poker offered
  • Diverse, inexpensive menu
  • Exclusive holiday units
  • Special prices on premium events

As noted, Club Rocky’s does not offer typical casino games such as electronic gaming machines and table games, but there are many chances to enter prize draws, play poker, or enjoy bingo. Each week members have opportunities to win thousands of dollars. Most of the time if you win and what you win is determined by the luck of the draw. The more you play at Club Rocky’s the better your chances are of taking home some extra cash.

Spectacular Games

Bingo is played almost every day and Joker Poker is very popular. The buy in for 20 games of Bingo at Club Rocky’s is $4, which also adds in a free BSG Rewards Game. To be a winner for Joker Poker, players need to pick out the Joker card. The weekly Lucky 7s draw carries prizes totalling thousands of dollars, which is a welcome addition for those who love horse racing. Just keep guessing the horse you are rooting to win in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Incredible Prizes

Plus, every day members can see live sporting events while taking advantage of the club’s courtesy bus. Every week there’s an Early Bird Draw that offers 10 great prizes. The club’s Giant Raffle is extremely popular, providing winners a range of fantastic prizes including Club Rocky’s vouchers, petrol vouchers and shopping vouchers.

Dining, Entertainment and Events

Club Rocky’s provides an ongoing roster of events for members, which includes happy hours, karaoke, and live bands. Club members can enjoy a range of dishes at the facility’s two restaurants.

Bistro 9 $ 10 at Club Rocky’s is known as a place where patrons can enjoy a diverse dining experience that includes over a dozen main dishes, plus numerous appetizers.  The menu includes Battered Fish and Chips, Lamb Chops, and Beef Brisket, as well as their famous Seafood Basket. Enjoy a Greek or Caesar Salad, Pork Roll, or Chicken Corn Soup. In addition to Bistro 9 $ 10, Mei Garden provides members with an extensive Asian menu.

If you’re interested in holding a special event or celebration at Club Rocky’s, they can accommodate up to 80 people. Anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties, corporate events and other functions are often held at Club Rocky’s. Professional service, a full bar, and tantalizing menu options are all a part of their function package.

If you’re looking for a fun social opportunity, that includes daily events, weekly draws, poker, and bingo, and nicely appointed facilities, then Club Rocky’s in Rockdale is the perfect place for you.

Holiday Units

Club members may rent various holiday units on a weekly basis. These include:

  • Nelson Bay
  • Shoal Bay
  • Tuncurry Townhouse
  • Tuncurry Villa

Rental prices vary depending on the unit and the season with prices ranging from $270 up to $585 (at designated peak periods). Each unit is nicely maintained, roomy, and fully equipped for a weeklong stay. These holiday units are nicely located and provide members with great value, making them very popular.


Unlike other clubs, Rocky’s has kept membership very simple, charging a small fee for a basic membership. There’s certainly fine value in joining this club, especially if you’re looking for diverse social experiences. Anyone who becomes a member must observe all rules, policies, and regulations pertaining to drinking laws, intoxication, behaviour, and dress.

Various forms of casual dress are not permitted, such as the wearing of football attire, bike shorts, and swimwear. Plus, all members must be well groomed, tidy, and neat. Offensive or obscene clothing or language is never tolerated. Club Rocky’s is dedicated to providing all members with a friendly, supportive atmosphere where they can meet friends, family, and acquaintances and have a good time, enjoy food and drinks, and socialize.

Contact Details

Club Rocky’s
45 Bay St.
NSW 2216
Phone: 02 9567 2720

Why you should visit

    Club Rocky’s is one of NSW’s long standing clubs that has endured through the times. This establishment is devoted to providing wholesome entertainment for its members. Whether you’re looking to play a thrilling round of poker, looking forward to some live musical entertainment or trying out exciting, high-quality food, you can find it all here at Club Rocky’s.

  • Exciting Bingo and Giant Raffle
  • Elegant and Cosy Holiday Units
  • Tempting Selection of Meals and Beverages
  • Weekly Lucky Member Badge Draw

Final Word

Club Rocky’s is a well-run club that offers events and experiences everyday. Open seven days a week, members can dine, enjoy various gaming opportunities, and socialize throughout the day and into the evening. There are numerous chances to win cash.

Members enjoy special privileges and prices on sporting events, meals, drinks, and more. Happy Times create a daily convivial atmosphere, and there’s an emphasis on live sports at the club. Overall, the club provides access to a range of events, gaming opportunities, and services offered at a competitive price. Membership fees are miniscule when one considers the various opportunities and benefits offered.

If you’re looking for a fun social opportunity, that includes daily events, weekly draws, poker, and bingo, and nicely appointed facilities, then Club Rocky’s in Rockdale is the perfect place for you. However, for those who desire the total gaming experience that includes table games, electronic gaming, and a full range of poker events, then this venue will disappoint. There are a lot of good times to be had by those who join Club Rocky’s, but the complete casino experience is not available.  

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