Online American Roulette: Australian Gamblers' Guide

Online American Roulette

If you love American Roulette, casino sites offering this great variant can be found across the net.

The rules are simple, the winnings can be huge, and you can even gamble using Australian dollars. The hardest thing you'll have to do is find an online casino to play at.

At, we only recommend the very best online roulette websites in 2024. Make a single deposit using Aussie bucks and you can take advantage of a great welcome bonus too.

  • Discover how to find American Roulette online
  • Find a guide to basic strategy and playing tips
  • Learn how to earn a welcome bonus when you join up
The addition of the extra 00 slot means players have another slot to aim for. It also means that the house edge is higher

How American Roulette Works Online

If you've visited the USA, you'll have discovered this centuries-old version of roulette. American Roulette features a layout with 36 numbers (divided into black and red) plus two green slots, 0 and 00.

Gamblers can bet on a single number, a column of numbers, or special outside bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, or 1-18/19-36. You can also bet on numbers that feature consecutively on the Devil's Wheel.

While a croupier handles the action in a land-based casino, online American Roulette lets you place bets by just dragging chips. Move your mouse and pull chips onto the areas of the table you want to bet on. Once you're ready, you hit the Spin button and watch the ball come to rest on the wheel. Winning payouts are made straight away.

A Guide To Online Casino American Roulette Payouts

American Roulette features 36 numbers, as in European Roulette. However, the addition of the extra 00 slot means players have another slot to aim for. It also means that the house edge is higher.

For example, if a player bets on an outside bet like Odd/Even, and a 00 comes up, the player loses. With the added green slot the house edge rises to 5.26 percent (compared to 2.7 percent in European Roulette).

The payouts also favour the casino. Online American Roulette pays 35/1 on a number, with outside bets like Red/Black paying 1/1 (even-money). Columns pay 2/1, and split bets 17/1. Here is the full list:

  • 0 / 00 - 35/1
  • Single number - 35/1
  • Split (any two adjoining numbers) - 35/1
  • Street (three horizontal numbers) - 11/1
  • Corner (four adjoining numbers) - 8/1
  • Columns - 2/1
  • 1st dozen (1-12) - 2/1
  • 2nd dozen (13-24) - 2/1
  • 3rd dozen (25-36) - 2/1
  • Odd/Even - 1/1
  • Red/Black - 1/1
  • 1-18 - 1/1
  • 19-36 - 1/1

Avoiding Betting Systems For Roulette

Many gambling systems have been devised over the centuries for roulette. On the whole, however, they only end up with the gambler going broke.

The Martingale system forces players to double their losing bets until they win. While players can end up making their losses back on a single spin, they also can go broke. In any case, most casinos will stop wagers by the time gamblers have lost a large amount.

If you're at an online casino, American Roulette has the worst house edge.

To fight the house, pick even-money bets that give you the best chance of winning. Place a bet on Red or Black and stick to it. Ignore those 'history' tickers that show you what numbers have come up previously. There is no pattern to roulette numbers, and every number has the same chance of coming up on each spin.

How To Enjoy American Roulette Variants

The beauty of Australian online casinos is that you aren't restricted to standard American Roulette. Casino websites usually offer a range of variants for real-cash players. You can enjoy Immersive Roulette, which features a camera placed on the wheel itself, or hit up a progressive with Jackpot roulette variants.

And if you miss the thrill of a real-life casino, online American Roulette played with a Live Dealer is a must. Live Dealer roulette features a human croupier spinning a real wheel. You can even chat in real time to the English-speaking croupier and ask questions.

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American Roulette Casino FAQs:

How Does American Roulette Work?

American Roulette is a popular variant of the table game in 2024. Online players drag chips to areas of the table they want to bet on. Once they hit the 'Spin' button, the wheel will spin and come to rest on a random number. Winnings are paid out directly. Gamblers can then choose to 'rebet' the same set of numbers, or double their previous stakes.

Will The Bets And Table Layout Be Familiar?

Yes. If you have played roulette in a land-based casino in Melbourne or Sydney, you'll know what to expect. The only difference is there is no barging to get a spot at the table, and you decide when to spin the wheel.

Is It A Popular Game Online?

Yes, although European Roulette tends to offer a better house edge and more variants. You will, however, find Live Dealer American Roulette at many Internet online casinos in Australia.

How Does It Differ From Other Variations?

The biggest difference between American Roulette and European Roulette is the presence of the extra 00 slot. This extra green slot increases the house edge to 5.26 percent

What Are The Odds Like?

Like European Roulette, American Roulette pays 35/1 for a single number ("straight up") and 1/1 for outside bets like Red/Black. However, the odds of hitting a single number are actually much lower because you have the extra 00 slot. This makes the 35/1 payout far stingier.

Is There A System I Can Play To?

There are plenty of real-cash systems to use at an online casino. American Roulette is a hard game to beat the house on, though, so stick to even-money wagers like Odd/Even. These give you a better long-term chance of hitting profits.

Where Can I Find The Game?

Finding an American Roulette casino is simple. Our top comparison site features a tonne of good gambling action for all players. Whether you are playing on a mobile or desktop machine, we have solid gambling sites just for you.