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No Zero Roulette Casino

No Zero Roulette is a unique online variation of European Roulette that first appeared at betfair Casino.

The game works like traditional European Roulette apart from having a wheel minus one vital part: the green single-zero slot.

No Zero Roulette is great for gamblers as it removes the green spot and lowers the house edge. Australian real-money gamblers can also access an amazing deposit bonus and put their roulette play to better use. Get involved today and download one of our top casino clients.

  • Discover how to play this interesting online roulette variant
  • Find a guide to sensible bets and strategy
  • Earn the best bonuses when you open an AU account
Because of the lack of the zero, the house edge is reduced. Theoretically, the casino edge is 0 percent

A Guide To Playing No-Zero Roulette

No Zero Roulette, or 'Zero Roulette' was originally introduced by Betfair as part of their Zero Lounge games. Betfair have since scrapped the game, but it hasn't stopped other operators introducing their own versions.

The main feature of No Zero Roulette is, as the name suggests, its lack of a green zero slot. There are just the numbers 1 to 36, plus the usual outside bets like Dozens, Columns, and Odd/Even.

If you've played European Roulette for real cash, you'll recognise the layout. The table has familiar areas to bet on, like the single "straight up" numbers and the Red/Black sections. Simply drag your chips to the areas you want to bet on and hit the 'Spin' button.

Calculating Best Odds And Payouts

The payouts in online casino No Zero Roulette are the same as European games. Straight up numbers pay 35/1, while corner bets pay 8/1, and Columns pay 2/1. Outside bets like Odd/Even and Red/Black pay even money (1/1) and are the best long-term bets. And because there is no green zero slot there is less chance of a losing bet.

Because of the lack of the zero, the house edge is reduced. Theoretically, the casino edge is 0 percent as the payouts match the true odds of hitting a correct number.

For strategy hounds logging in to their favourite online casino, No Zero Roulette offers plenty of scope. A staking system like the Martingale is a much more realistic opportunity with No Zero Roulette games. You can keep betting Red or Black, and doubling every time you lose. But with the single zero gone you only have to hit an even-money chance every spin.

Finding The Best Real-Money AU Sites

Finding a No Zero Roulette casino online is hard in 2024. With virtually no house edge, online roulette sites are understandably reluctant to offer the game. But if you do find a great casino, you can enjoy lots of top action at all stakes.

We only rate casinos if they offer lots of games, big-money promotions, and excellent security. We only recommend real-cash gambling sites that have roulette at all stakes. And when it comes to loading your wallet, our unrivalled Aussie deposit options are excellent.

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What Is No Zero Roulette?

No Zero Roulette is a special online variant that features no green zero slot. It's rare to find it at online casinos in 2024 but offers the best odds for players.

What Is The Betting And Table Layout Like?

The table layout is similar to European Roulette but there won't be a racetrack to bet on. Players can opt for 'straight up' single numbers that pay 35/1 or Columns that pay 2/1. Gamblers can also choose from even-money outside wagers or any combination of single numbers.

Is It Popular With Online Gamers?

Yes. In fact, some casinos have ended up paying out more winnings than they have made from gamblers. The game is rarely available online in 2024.

What Makes It Different?

The major difference in No Zero Roulette games is the absence of the green zero. The effect of that is reducing the house edge. In fact, the game is often called 'Zero Edge Roulette' as it cancels out the casino advantage.

Are The Odds For The Game Good?

Yes. The payouts remain the same as European Roulette (35/1 for a straight-up number, 1/1 for Odd/Even, etc) but the odds for hitting the sections are lower. That makes the game perfect for roulette gamblers.

Are There Systems For No Zero Roulette?

Yes. The Martingale system is perfect for this version of online roulette as there is no danger of the BOTH outside bets losing. A staking system like '1-3-2-4' is also a good alternative for real-money gamblers.

Which Online Casino Sites Offer The Game?

It's hard to find an online No Zero Roulette is offered at. But there are still great alternatives to play for real money in 2024. Give European Roulette a try for a low house edge, or test out French Roulette with its various insurance bets.