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Online roulette is one of those games that is many people’s favourite at internet casinos, and its relative simplicity means you know where you stand with the game. However after playing for a few spins you might want to look beyond your basic approach and investigate some strategies that might ultimately be more successful for helping you win.

Still, before we get started it is worth remembering that roulette is a game with a house edge, and online casinos probably wouldn’t keep offering it if there was a simple was of beating the house. As a result, it is always worth being vigilant if friends suggest a strategy that seems too good to be true.

We bring you the very best in roulette strategy online:

  • Find top strategies you can use to improve your odds at online roulette
  • Learn the benefits of using betting strategies in online roulette
  • Discover how to use the Martingale betting strategy

Basic strategies

That said, there are a number of strategies which have been employed by online roulette players over the years, to varying degrees of success. These are by no means foolproof, but often they will allow your money to last longer at the very least, while you may be able to counter the long-term variance of online roulette and score yourself a nice few wins.

While not absolutely extensive, the best and most popular online roulette strategies can largely be narrowed down to the following list:

  • Martingale, reverse martingale and associated variants
  • Double street quad
  • Five quad

Martingale betting

The Martingale is the most recognisable betting strategy for roulette, either on the internet or live at a casino, and you may well have seen it in a movie or on TV. Put simply, it involves betting on an even-money shot (usually red or black, though some use odd or even, or high or low) and doubling the following bet after a loss and halving it after a win, while adding a single chip to the larger bet and removing one from the smaller bet, in order to theoretically guarantee success.

The chief problem with the Martingale system is that it is surprisingly easy to run out of money before that winning bet comes in, meaning that when you lose you are losing your entire stake from that session while when you win you are rarely walking away with double your original investment. You also need to be wary of the fact that many online casino sites will have a maximum bet on roulette, meaning that after a few losses in a row the limits prevent you from doubling your bet, thus removing the supposed advantage that the Martingale system offers.

Double Street Quad

This is one of a number of popular online roulette strategies (also used in bricks and mortar casinos) which involve the player covering multiple numbers on the table. This is designed to minimise losses, as there are naturally more ways to win when employing such a strategy, though it also restricts the chances of scoring that big one-off win which drives some players to the online roulette table in the first place.

In roulette, the double street bet covers off six numbers across two ‘streets’ of three (e.g. 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 31-32-33-34-35-36), while a quad bet, also known as a corner bet, covers off four numbers on a corner (e.g. 23-24-26-27). The double street quad bet involves betting two chips on each of two different double streets, as well as one chip on a corner and one on any number of your choosing that isn’t already part of either double street or the quad.

This bet covers off 17 numbers in total, almost half of the entire roulette wheel, and are risking six chips. If one of the double street bets comes off you get paid off 5:1, meaning 10 chips in total, while the quad bet pays 8:1 and the straight-up number pays 35:1. You have an almost one in two chance of winning and will win net two chips at least for every success, helping make your money last longer.

Five Quad

If you thought covering off 17 numbers was a lot, the five quad bet encompasses even more of the table. Five separate corner bets and one straight up number means you will win something if the roulette ball lands on any one of 21 numbers (again, the straight-up number you select cannot be one of those included among any of the five quad or corner bets).

Each quad bet should be for one chip only, as should the straight-up bet, meaning that you are risking six chips per spin and will win eight when one of the quad bets comes in and 35 if your straight-up number comes in.

The benefits of betting strategies

The best way to approach online roulette is to acknowledge that it is more about having fun than it is about beating the system, but that does not mean you cannot walk away a winner over time. The house edge will balance out over an infinite amount of spins, but over a shorter time frame some players will get unlucky and lose more than the house edge dictates while others will get luckier and even turn a profit from roulette on the internet.

The most important thing is to have fun, play within your limits, and enjoy your time at the roulette table. Pick a strategy or approach which works for you, and you are more likely to get what you want out of your online roulette sessions, at whichever online casino you choose.

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