Top 10 Roulette Tips

Top 10 Online Roulette Tips

Everyone loves a spin on the Devil's Wheel. It's easily the most popular table game in the casino, and for good reason: it's fast, furious, and you have the chance of hitting some juicy wins.

But playing roulette online is a lot more than just slapping down chips; you have to know a thing or two about betting, getting the right odds, and handling the online software.

Before you risk your hard-earned Aussie bucks, print out our top list of tips. In no time, you'll be hitting the tables a sure-fire roulette god.

1 - Play For Free First

The beauty of online casinos for Aussies is that you can try roulette for free before committing with real cash. That's a luxury you don't have in a land-based casino in Sydney or Melbourne. So, hit the 'Free Play' button and try out the different bets, get a feel for the table layout, and experiment with systems.

2 - Pick the Right Variant

No two roulette variations are alike. And picking the right one can mean the difference between making a profit and hitting the 'Deposit' button at the Cashier.

While some land-based casinos only offer European or American roulette, online you'll usually find both. European roulette has the lower house edge due to its single zero spot (American has both a 0 and 00 spot) and at Internet casinos you can even play French Roulette, which offers a more favourable house edge and extra insurance bets like En Prison and La Partage.

With so many variants available online, there's more scope to 'shop around' and find a game that's better for you.

3 - Find a Good Casino

There's so much choice online in 2024, you can go crazy trying to find a casino worth playing at. But doing just a little homework before you sign up somewhere can make the difference.

Check our reviews and find a casino that offers lots of roulette games with cutting-edge graphics, stakes that work for you, and a reputation for fast cash-outs, good security and proper licensing.

There's really no excuse for a lousy online roulette experience in 2024, so brush up on some research and avoid disappointment.

4 - Try Something New Online

European and American roulette is fine for most punters, but why settle for the old-school variants when you can try something fresh?

Online casinos in 2024 offer all sorts of crazy versions of roulette which you just won't find in a land-based place. How about a bit of Immersive Roulette which has cameras fixed on the wheel as it spins round, or Spingo - a bizarre mash-up of roulette and bingo?

And if you want the experience of roulette from your favourite Sydney casinos, try Live Dealer Roulette, which lets you bet on a real-life roulette wheel spun by a real-life croupier. The game is beamed via live stream to your desktop and you place bets on your computer in the usual way. You can even chat to the dealer and ask questions.

5 - Employ a Betting System

While most betting systems have flaws (and others have been outright disproved) they can be fun to try out at small stakes or on the play-money tables.

Try out the 'Two Dozen' system (a favourite of James Bond) where you bet on the 1/1 Red/Black section plus a smaller bet on two columns. Meanwhile, the Martingale requires you to keep doubling your wager on the even-money spots until you win. You then drop your bet amount right down and bank the winnings.

Although it sounds great, the Martingale has generally been dismissed as it requires an almost infinite bankroll to succeed.

6 - Get a Handle On the Odds

Choosing the best bets is key to having a fruitful roulette experience. If you stick to single-number bets (paying 35/1) you'll soon go broke. Outside bets like Odd/Even and Red/Black pay even-money (1/1) and are better for a long-term profit. You can even throw in the odd Column bet, paying 2/1, to cover some of the other options.

7 - Manage Your Bankroll

Even if you don't employ a betting system, it's vital you have a basic handle on your bankroll while you're playing.

Most online roulette games have low stakes to cater for casual players, but work out a percentage of your roll that you're willing to bet on each spin. For example, there's no point having a set bankroll of $50 and betting on a table that carries a minimum stake of $10 per spin.

With a roll of $50, pick a table with minimum outside bets of $1 and even lower minimums on the number bets. That way, you can handle some downswings and earn enough that you can bank before carrying on playing.

8 - Know When Enough Is Enough

Whatever your game, and whatever stakes you're playing at, it's vital to stop and take a break from gambling. This is especially true if you're finding yourself playing roulette for hours on end and getting into debt.

Never use a credit card or overdraft to rely on for all your betting cash, as it becomes easy to regard the money as "not yours". It's a good idea to keep a bank account separate JUST FOR GAMBLING; this way you know exactly what's going in and out at all times.

If you think your gambling is becoming serious, check the casino site for contact details of good charities who can help with problem gambling, or check our dedicated page for more on Australia-specific organisations.

9 - Grab a Cheat Sheet

If you're struggling with the various odds and bets on offer at a roulette table, it's worth printing out a 'cheat sheet' and keeping it by your monitor while you play online. Good cheat-sheets list the various bets (Corners, Outside, Columns, etc) and the accompanying odds, and also have a detailed breakdown of a typical roulette table layout. They're great for referring to as you place your bets.

10 - Get a Top Welcome Bonus

Whatever your game, be it European, French, American or Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, it's important to get a good welcome bonus when you sign up to a site and make a first deposit.

Before you do anything, check the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus to ensure that roulette contributes towards the bonus amount. Most good bonuses will allow 100 percent of your roulette play to go towards triggering a promotion prize. However, lots of casinos won't be so generous.

If you find the right casino and the right bonus, you can earn serious cash, just for playing the games you love.

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