French Roulette Game Review

French Roulette

French Roulette is a European-style roulette game by Microgaming available on Australian online casinos. This classic variant of the popular casino table game brings the elegance of an upscale casino to your home and boasts a “La Partage” rule which gives you an important edge over the house.

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Fun Factor   9/10
Payouts   8/10
Coin Sizes   7/10
Bonus Games   7/10
Graphics   6/10
Overall Rating   7/10

French Roulette Details

French Roulette is a virtual recreation of the classic casino table game that plays just like the real thing. The first thing Aussie players will notice is the 3D French Roulette spinning lazily on the screen, and the helpful on-screen statistics which keep track of the latest plays, and hot and cold numbers. The table features an authentic French layout that displays common bet types by their French names or initials.

It is a thrilling roulette game that brings a slice of the Monaco gambling action to your favourite device. Like other European roulette games, there is only one zero on the wheel, marked in green, and numbers run from 1 to 36, marked in red or black. The game offers a large variety of betting options which can be made directly on the screen by clicking on the appropriate betting area. You can mix and match betting options and create your own winning system

French Roulette Gameplay

To play French Roulette, simply choose your desired bet amount by selecting your chip value and then placing your wager on the table by clicking on the appropriate area. The betting options available include wagering on: a particular number, column of numbers, manque or passe, odd or even, and specific colours.

When you’re ready to play, click on the spin button to start the game. After the ball stops spinning, the winning number is displayed on screen and winnings are paid out according to the game’s paytable. French Roulette also incorporates a "la Partage" rule in its gameplay, so players will only lose half of any even money bet when the ball lands on 0 and they have inside bets that are not 0.

Betting Ranges

French Roulette is a game suited for players of all budget sizes, since you can get started with very low bets of just 1 credit. The chips ranges 1 to 50 credits in value and Ozzie players can increase their stakes up to a maximum bet of 200 credits. Unlike most Australian online casino games, French Roulette offers you unparalleled flexibility in creatively combining betting options to maximise your chances of winning.

Game Features

French Roulette boasts ultra-realistic graphics that give Oz players the closest possible alternative to playing French roulette in a Paris casino! The game is set apart from similar roulette games on Aussie online casinos thanks to its fluid animations, realistic sound effects, adjustable camera shots with an inset zoom showing the ball, and the ability to customise table layouts. French Roulette also features an Auto Play feature, which lets you repeat a particular wager a specified number of times, as well as an Expert Mode which includes an advanced chip management system. Heaps of fun, if you know what you’re doing, otherwise, stick to the default!

French Roulette Payouts

Your potential payout when wagering on French Roulette on an Aussie online casino can be quickly determined from the convenient on-screen stats and the paytable in the game. Straight up pays 35 times, a split 17 times, street 11 times, square bets 8 times, line bets five times, bets made on columns or dozen pay twice as much, while evens return the exact amount you wagered.

French Roulette FAQ:

What is French Roulette?

This is an exciting European-style roulette game from well-respected software develop Microgaming. It’s a classic variation of the popular casino table game and it includes a “La Partage” rule which provides you a critical edge over the house.

Is it popular?

French roulette is growing in popularity because of the excitement that it provides. Plus, many players enjoy the “La Partage” rule that gives the player a much appreciated advantage over the house.

How does it compare with American roulette?

The games are similar with a few differences. Mainly that the American roulette version makes the game more risky. The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets vs. 37 pockets for French roulette. This reduces the odds of winning for players and increases odds for the house.

How do the odds compare?

The odds are better when you play French roulette for many reasons. First, having 37 pockets as opposed to 38 gives players better odds against the house. Secondly, French roulette allows players to apply the “La Partage” and the “En Prison” rules to further better their odds against the house.

Where can I play?

French roulette is available at many sites online but we have taken the time to cherry pick the very best ones for you.  Check out our list of the best online casinos for Australians to play French roulette and pick up a great welcome bonus at the same time.

Can I use a roulette strategy?

Yes you can. Do take the time to understand the different bets that you can make on the roulette wheel and play some practice sessions to develop your feel for the game before jumping in to real money play.

Is it rigged?

NO, not only is French roulette produced by one of the leading casino games manufacturers, but we have also compiled a list of 5 top online casino sites for you to play at. These online casino sites have a provided a long history of secure and reliable gaming for their customers.